World Children's Fund partners with indigenous charitable programs. We mobilize our resources and deliver humanitarian relief by working with local people and projects around the world. These partnerships generate synergy and promote economic efficiency.

Our Operating Principles

  • We empower grass roots movements by assisting established local programs. In most regions in crisis, skilled and trained people are already on the ground and prepared to help. The missing link is coordinating and accessing outside emergency assistance. This is where World Children's Fund shines. We bridge the gap. Rather than dispatch costly, foreign specialists, we liaise and partner with the local people, agencies, programs and projects in the numerous countries where we work.
  • We utilize key indicators to measure program success. As we provide aid and humanitarian relief to children in need, we simultaneously maintain our integrity and responsibility through financial audits, reports and on-site inspections and program visits. Meeting the needs of suffering children is only part of our mission responsibilities. Being accountable to our donors and supporters is central in every operation.
  • We provide strategic humanitarian aid. Through strategic alliances with corporations, individuals and other non-profit organizations, WCF maximizes the efficiency of donations. Through our partnerships and networks on the ground, WCF targets geographic areas in crisis and provide quick, responsive and effective relief.
  • We offer Non-discriminating care to all suffering children. WCF supports non-sectarian and non-discriminating care to destitute children around the globe regardless of race, religion or gender. In addition, a significant part of our fulfillment model is supporting programs that address the whole child- physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We support programs that strive to give abandoned children the character to be good citizens and opportunities to develop a strong work ethic so that someday they will have the skills to care for themselves and their children.

Alcuni programmi descritti su questo sito web sono basati su donazioni, potrebbero non essere perpetui e potrebbero non fare più parte del budget attuale di finanziamento dell’Associazione Umanitaria Per i Bambini di Tutto il Mondo - ONLUS. Se è interessato a ricevere informazioni su come sostenere un programma specifico, La preghiamo di mettersi in contatto con la sede più vicina dell’Associazione Umanitaria Per i Bambini di Tutto il Mondo - ONLUS.



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